Housetraining is one of the first priorities when bringing a pup home. New puppies, rescued pups, and older dogs, can all be properly potty trained, and enjoy an accident-free existence indoors. 

Establishing a potty protocol right now, that works for your needs and routine, is essential to future success.

Here are a few tips to get started on the right track….

Potty Party!

Be sure to escort your pooch to the toilet whenever possible, so that you are right there to celebrate their success with them. During the training process, potty-ing is a FUN, GROUP ACTIVITY! We want our pups to get in the habit of eliminating with us in view, so we can keep track of when they go, promote good potty patterns, and avoid ‘sneaky’ potty behavior.


Be sure to pay your pup for potties! During house training, your pup’s job is to potty in the right spot, be sure give your dog a prompt food reward for completing the mission - every time - while you’re potty training them.

When in Doubt…..

When in doubt, take your pup out! Err on the side of caution and if you suspect your dog needs to go, or if you’re unsure, provide a potty opportunity, just in case.


Get into a program of taking your pup out to potty so they can begin to rely on some consistency. Going out every few hours when possible, or at certain times of day, and/or around potential ‘potty triggers’ can help to routinize housetraining for you and your pup!

Potty Triggers

Keep track of potential potty triggers to avoid accidents! During the potty training process, certain events and situations can trigger the urge ‘to go’ suddenly. Some potty triggers include: play, excitement, consuming water or food, stress, waking up, and environmental changes (like guests, deliveries, and new furniture, for example). 


NO! NO! NO! Do NOT make the mistake of scolding your pup for accidents! Punishing your dog harshly, reprimanding them, or worse, will cause incontinence and other troubling behaviors - it’s science!

puppy pad.jpg


Get stocked up! Poop bags, enzymatic cleaner, baby wipes, leash and harness, and a grass turf toilet will prepare you and pup for potty success!


Every individual is different and learns at their own pace! Patience and consistency will expedite potty training goals for your pup. 

Need help establishing a potty protocol for your pup? Get in touch for more info on how to nail it!

We are here to help! 




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