Training classes for pup and parents! Workshops for the fastest and most effective learning results. Science-based. Training classes are located in Los Angeles near Larchmont Village and Paramount Studios.

Competent Pup Workshop Series classes provide life enrichment and prevent pup problems before they start. Training is fun and instills good behavior habits for pup and parents. Learn how to apply the safest and most effective methods used by the real professionals!

Registration is limited for optimal learning. All ages. All breeds. Please join us and learn how to improve the life of your pup!


level 1 - beginner

level 1 - beginner


6 lessons

3 classes

all pup basics

Pups of ALL AGES get started here and complete ALL BASICS in just 3 classes! Science-based training is fast and fun.


Pup About Town

4 classes

leash skills

appearance in public

This workshop series focuses on leash etiquette for intermediate and advanced learners who have completed Pup Basics. Pup About Town is a 4 class workshop series.

level 2 - intermediate/advanced

level 2 - intermediate/advanced

level 3 - advanced, ALL STARS ONLY

level 3 - advanced, ALL STARS ONLY


offered engagement

hi-level distractions

emergency recall

Take it all the way. This workshop shows you how to get there with pup! No remote needed! Completion of Pup Basics AND Pup About Town is required for participation in this advanced workshop series. ALL STARS ONLY.


Who can attend?

Eligibility for Workshop Series Pup-Up Events

Any and all pups who are able to learn in an enclosed space with other individuals, do not display signs of human or dog aggression, and have proof of current vaccines, may be eligible for PUP Basics! As such, pups may be ready for PUP Basics as early as 4-6mos of age, depending on their veterinarian. Each pup must have one handler present. Competent Pup embraces all breeds.

*If you are interested in remedial socialization for your pup, please let us know!