Jessica Gore, CPDT-KA

Jessica is an animal-lover and learning enthusiast with a propensity for personal growth. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree while living in Colorado, where she gained a background in Natural Resources, and rescued her first dog. After years of training professionally, Jessica created Competent Pup to make the leading techniques in the industry accessible to people and their furry companions.

All Competent Pup programs - from pup-sitting to behavior training and beyond - benefit from professional expertise, and comprehensive understanding of learning techniques. Pet parents feel comfortable knowing their loved ones are being exposed to progressive teaching methods, backed by real science, not just ideas about dogs.

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) with expertise in teaching, healing, and rescue, Jessica provides positively the best for pup and parent. When not training, traveling to a conference, or continuing education, Jessica enjoys spending time in Hollywood with her two rescue pups, pictured here.


AKC Evaluator

Certified Raw Food Specialist

Certified Pet Nutrition Specialist

Action Dog Association Ambassador

Reiki Master & Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

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When changing and effecting the behaviors of others, a higher responsibility exists to practice humane treatment, and use teaching techniques based on available science.
— Jessica Gore, CPDT-KA